Frequently Asked Questions


The number of treatments will depend on the chronicity and the extent of the pathology involved. Based on the genetic makeup of the cells, an individual’s response to LILT will vary to some degree.

Acute (new) injuries heal much faster and often achieving great results in just 4-7 sessions. Injuries and conditions that have been present for over a month to 6 months require longer treatment, typically 18-25 sessions. Chronic conditions (those present for a year or more) will typically heal slower and may require 36-40+ sessions for good resolution (i.e. for lumbar disc/stenosis conditions 3-4 months of treatment is typical for good-great resolution of symptoms and function).

The severity of the injury and the age of the patient also factor in to number of treatments required.


We try to make cost as affordable to patients as possible and feel we have a fair fee schedule for the Colorado Springs market area.

Cost depends on how long each treatment takes. Larger body areas require longer treatment times. Other factors are body type, age and skin pigmentation.

Cost per treatment generally ranges from $40-90 a session depending on what is being treated.

Nature of treatment and cost will all be discussed with each person during their laser therapy consultation. Consultations are $40. We encourage people to bring any imaging studies to their consultation, especially in chronic cases.

Call Peak Performance Physical Therapy to schedule a laser consultation to see if this might be an effective treatment for you: (719) 635-6800.